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Feel free to discuss and post for the upcoming HealthCare Revolution
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We have created a blockchain-based future platform that will serve and change human resources industry forever!
Digitize is an Ethereum based blockchain that will instantly convert loose change from purchases PLUS cash at participating retailers to cryptocurrency.
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Dbrain is the first community owned decentralized platform for training artificial intelligence. Human-generated data is more important than algorithms for AI solutions, and Dbrain gives access to crowd workforce and data providers for developers and businesses. Anyone with a smartphone can label data and make crypto. With Dbrain crowd workers request simple tasks on data labeling and assessment. After the task is completed correctly and verified, they get paid with cryptocurrency.
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Kora Network aims to unlock growth in emerging markets. . We connect people, communities, and capital.
Productivist is the first peer-to-peer network connecting private and professional manufacturers to their clients by mapping global manufacturing.
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⚡ Robotina is an European company with 7 patents and 28 years of experience, employing over 50 experts in the development of smart technologies for the energy industry. Our goal is to establish a connected community that will enable its participants to save a great deal on energy costs, produce substantial revenues as well as engaging in an eco-friendly and sustainable solution by making the way we consume energy more efficient with a blockchain-based marketplace⚡
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Cool Cousin is a VC-backed p2p travel agency, connecting travelers with locals for a direct and unbiased exchange of information and services. By launching a new blockchain platform, CC is powering the exchange of trustworthy info with the ERC20 compatible token CUZ. With double-digit monthly growth, 500K+ users and a global community of 1K locals in 70+ cities, CC is emerging as an autonomous economy that scales organically and offers affordable services that enhance travel experiences.
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Velix.ID is a blockchain platform in identity verification space with a mission to simplify access to consumer services across the globe - online or offline. Using the latest and popular blockchain technology, we are creating an open, decentralized and secure ecosystem that provides for a seamless exchange of verified identities globally - between businesses and individuals.
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By developing the Peur marketplace, payment solution & payroll integration, we enable merchants to participate in the decentralized economy. All information will be secured and only available to authorized users. We may also receive Ethereum-based tokens and mobile payments, which can easily convert cryptocurrency into the local fiat currency. Peur token as a digital currency can also be used as payroll integration - a salary payment option.
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Discussions and reviews related to ICO, Crowdsales and Token sales in the fields of Blockchain and Datachain. Building a due diligence community. See the rules bellow for details on posting/flair structures and rules. As a rule of thumb its OK if you are an ICO, a promoter or a general investor -> just be as honest, transparent and open as possible.
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Reward Platform for Crypto Reviews, Analysis and Market Predictions. https://utrum.io
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The Bittwatt platform as well as its app suit are built from bottom-up into a robust structure,combinining the need to measure the energy output, whilst measuring its price .Therefore Bittwatt enables peer-to-peer transactions through a secure multilateral framework for international energy cooperation, along with energy arbitrage and exchange through its own developed exchange and trading system.
Welcome to /r/cryptocurrencyicos! Please do not post in this subreddit
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Get Paid for Exercising! Mine with Your Body! Decentralized Proof of Exercise Blockchain with innovative mobile app that allows you to mine GYM cryptocurrency with your body.
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Bob’s Repair is a company that was created in order to eliminate review fraud in the skilled trade service industry by launching a decentralized website where anyone can search by previous transactions for any worker and see how much their services will cost--information that is stored in an unalterable fashion for everyone to see. The founders will onboard the previous 55,000 clients and workers to the portal immediately after launch.
cryptocurrencynewico is the place to come for discussion of everything related to active and upcoming ICO / Crowdsales. Please do not post here
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This board is only for SocialCXN.
Share and discuss active and upcoming cryptocurrency ICOs and blockchain token sales.
The official Wealth Migrate Subreddit, dedicated to the discussion of all Wealth Migrate and WealthE coin ICO related content.
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Alt.Estate is the first blockchain project for tokenizing real estate that has a working prototype and a viable go-to-market strategy. It allows everyone to buy or sell a mere 1 sq cm in properties all over the world through property-specific tokens to be purchased for ALT tokens. The Alt.Estate team had $400m in real estate deals in 2016 and includes professionals with strong background in investments, finance, marketing and operations.
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News about and related to altcoin: all blockchain projects (like Ethereum, NEO, NEM, Stellar, Ripple, Ontology, Nexus, Ardor, Lisk, Ark, OmiseGo, BOScoin) and related currency that exist in addition to Bitcoin.
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Our platform gives application developers a new way to monetize content and offer users incentives for contributing the computational power of their devices. Users can enjoy premium access, quality experience, unlimited content with complete privacy and personal data protection at no cost whilst application developers generate revenue from the value of their user-driven contributions. SleekPlay is specifically tailored to suit long-session applications.
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A professional place to discuss the legitimacy of cryptocurrency ICOs.
StealthCrypto™ Pre Token Sale is Now Live! Decentralized Infrastructures: StealthCrypto™ foresees "a radically decentralized, more highly interconnected world. A global society that will fundamentally change your costs, efficiency, and reach, opening up a wealth of new opportunities for those who prepare for it.