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A Global Decentralized network of Micro Businesses. We empower micro businesses to Drive Mass Adoption of Digital, Crypto and Financial Services in their communities.
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Elements Estates will be creating a blockchain-based platform backed by a unique portfolio of real estate deriving from banks’ distressed asset.
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Buying.com is the first e-commerce protocol that allows consumers to buy direct from manufacturers wholesalers and distributors. It’s the next generation Decentralized E-Commerce Platform that harnesses the power of distributed ledger technology.
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The KaaS blockchain and network define the infrastructure for a decentralized, democratized, skills-oriented global AI computing system and AI algorithms marketplace.
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Stem Cell Innovations is changing the face of health care by expanding access to stem cell research, development, and treatments around the world using blockchain technology.
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The next generation ecosystem based on blockchain technology that offers all cryptocurrency related operations from: securing different blockchains through the mining process, trading and storing cryptocurrency, up to make the cryptocurrency available on traditional payment methods.
Geeba is a decentralized delivery ecosystem that enables businesses to operate deliveries with autonomous vehicles and smart hubs. The high costs, lack of efficiency, and demand of deliveries today enables Geeba to introduce a new approach to the industry by allowing the community to actively participate in the evolution through leverage blockchain.
The Government Network is building a borderless Nation powered by Blockchain Technology, operating from a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation.
Poseidon is a not-for-profit foundation that empowers people to save the planet with every purchase through its breakthrough blockchain platform.
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Gemstra is a blockchain-enabled ecosystem for Influencer Commerce. Gemstra gives Businesses the ability to connect with Influencers to drive sales. The Gemstra Ecosystem is comprised of an infrastructure/business-protocol layer called ASTRA, public modules Dapps/WebApps/Interfaces, and the GEMS token. Gemstra's flagship Dapp module Knowy is a first-of-kind public review app that uses Relevance and Reputation to keep reviews honest. Find out more at http://gemstra.com.
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Designed for mainstream adoption, Sovren is the world's first wealth management platform with a full suite for trading traditional assets and crypto.
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Traveler.com is a crypto-friendly travel platform offering lower prices on travel to consumers than traditional Online Travel Agencies. This savings is realized through an internal real-time crypto to fiat exchange and use of the native Traveler utility token (“TVLR”) on the site
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Aenco Blockchain supports customisable business applications, financial transactions, and healthcare technology innovation. Our website: www.aencoin.com
The Hiway platform is a blockchain tailored marketplace for work. It builds on a few of the most innovative and progressive technologies emerging from the Fourth Industrial Revolution: big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence. Hiway serves both the employee and the employer, empowering those looking for a job or wanting a job done in equal measure.
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Fight your Collectible CryptoKitties from the CryptoKitties blockchain game. Fight, win tokens and buy more cute furry cryptokitties. Get some meow!
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A place to talk about Shopin, a universal shopper profile that delivers a more personalized shopping experience on retailer websites via AI and decentralized blockchain technology.
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Please.com is a voice-driven platform for booking travel as a complete package that is pre-designed by local experts, or curated especially for the user; including transportation, lodging, meals, attractions, and guides.
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Pigzbe is a digital piggy-wallet for children, powered by Wollo, a family-friendly cryptocurrency.
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Ichiba ( ICA) is a blockchain-based, crowdfunding decentralized platform which uses smart contract technology to create a seamless, efficient way to raise money for new fundraising campaigns. The Ichiba crypto stake portfolio is managed by the Ichiba Fund, with Ichiba Coin holders determining the fund’s governance. Once a project is vetted and approved, it is listed on the Ichiba platform where supporters can learn more about the project and commit funds to its fundraising campaign.
Crypto is a scam, why are you looking here? Go invest in the stockmarket or max your 401k instead.
Depository Network is a high-tech infrastructure enabling lenders worldwide to accept digital assets as collateral. Any lender can use DEPO infrastructure to build custom depository platform and accept different types of digital assets as collateral.
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Upthinity, App hub, rising community, an easier way to earn crypto!
ESO introduces the most advanced applications made on top of artificial intelligence technology and blockchain technology. While existing solutions offer to solve just one problem at a time, our team is up to build a secure, useful, & easy-to-use product based on private blockchain. It will include easy cryptocurrency payments integration, and even a digital arbitration system.
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4NEW Limited is the world’s first blockchain integrated Waste to Energy treatment facility. Our product is grounded in necessities, solving two social problems, waste surplus and energy shortfall. Our blockchain platform will be built on top of the underlying treatment infrastructure covering the entire supply chain from collection of waste to generation of electricity to sale of energy units to the national grid or between consumers and industry peers.
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Taurus0x is distributed off-chain / on-chain protocol powering smart derivatives from end to end, for any asset over any network.
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Dataeum aims to put humans at the epicenter of the data ecosystem. We offer the first collaborative and decentralized platform for Data Generation. Using crowdsourcing, Dataeum’s solution enables the collection of 100% of any physical data such as stores, ATMs, gas stations, museums... all done with 100% accuracy. Validated through a blockchain-based process, the data is made accessible on a decentralized marketplace.
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Official Subreddit for HARAToken.
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Monarch’s mission is to empower people with the ability to control all aspects of their financial kingdom from the palm of their hand. Whether its buying and selling crypto, converting crypto to fiat for merchants and consumers, paying for goods and services in crypto, soon, using crypto for recurring payments, Monarch empowers the people.
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CyClean is a project that promotes clean energy through a rental system of electric vehicles. It applies blockchain technology and smart contracts to encourage people to use electric vehicles, thus reducing the emission of toxic gases. Cyclean coin can be mined just by using CyClean products based on Meters or Watts. The car is one of the most widely used modes of transportation in all of the world.