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Welcome to Reddit's HIIT community! We are dedicated to health and wellness using the most efficient and effective methods backed by science. We discuss everything from the philosophy to the science of training.

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Intermittent Fasting(IF) is way of eating that restricts when you eat, usually on a daily or weekly schedule. People engage in IF to reap the many benefits to health, fitness, mental clarity, or because it feels good. This is a place to share success, support each other, ask questions, and learn.

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Bodyweightfitness is for redditors who like to use their own body to train, from the simple pullups, pushups, and squats to the advanced bodyweight movements like the planche, one arm chin-ups, or single leg squats.

Start your fitness journey with our Recommended Routine and wiki.

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The great comedian, Ed Wynn said, "Without your health, riches, possessions and fame are all mud."

With the high costs of health care, how can we afford not to keep ourselves well? Most fast for health, self-discipline and preparation and not for religious reasons. Perhaps no subject is less understood by the public and the "healing" professions than this oldest of means of caring for the sick body.

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A community driven exploration into the pursuit of physical excellence via ketosis.

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Forum for kettlebell enthusiasts.

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A subreddit of /r/fitness for issues more relevant to individuals both male and female over the age of 30.

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A place to discuss eating well.

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For women and gender non-binary redditors who are fit, want to be fit, like reading about fitness to put off getting fit, or wish they could fit into their old clothes. Feel free to discuss your own personal experience related to fitness, exercise, dieting, body image, and health, or post quality links related to these topics. While weight loss topics are totally fine, keep in mind that that's not always the end goal of fitness and post accordingly.

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Get flexible! Share stretching tips, post your goals and progress, and anything else relevant to flexibility/mobility. Whether you're a dancer, martial artist, gymnast, cheerleader, olympic weightlifter or just want to improve your flexibility for health reasons, you're welcome here!

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A subreddit devoted to working out at home.

  • Weightlifters, strongmen (and women), crossfitters, yogi and anybody just wanting to be fit at home are all welcome.

  • Created your own piece of fitness equipment? Improvised some common household objects? Share your knowledge! If possible create a simple guide so others can make it too.

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The supplements subreddit aims to discuss and share topics related to nutritional supplementation. This includes new research, potential supplement choices (ie. what should I take? What can replace xxx?), and general discussions on different categories of supplementation.

This subreddit is mostly powered by research from Examine.com, and some reading of the supplement on hand (either at this site or other sources) before posting is encouraged to facilitate discussion.

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This SubReddit is for discussion of the terrors CrossFit, functional fitness, and strength training. All are welcome!

This subreddit is not affiliated with CrossFit Inc.

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We are a sub dedicated to all things scientific regarding ketosis. Visit us if you enjoy learning about biochemistry, studies, n=1s, and battling the omertà dedicated to the status quo of high carbohydrate diets as normal. Also post about metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, nutrition, meat-only diets(zerocarb), cancer, Alzheimer's, mental issues, and differences between SAD and Ketogenic diets. YouTube videos from prominent keto researchers are welcomed.

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Whether you want to lose weight through calorie counting, or you're a smaller person who doesn't need more than 1200 calories a day, this is the place for you.

Tips, recipes and support for people interested in low-calorie meals.

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A place for people of all sizes to discuss healthy and sustainable methods of weight loss. Whether you need to lose 2 lbs or 200 lbs, you are welcome here!

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A subreddit for carnivores - those that eat from the animal kingdom exclusively. Animal carbs are ok, there are some in egg, liver, shellfish, dairy and even the glycogen in muscle meat has some.

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