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Americans deserve real solutions for the economic, social and environmental crises we face. But the broken political system is only making things worse. It's time to build a people's movement to end unemployment and poverty; avert climate catastrophe; build a sustainable, just economy; and recognize the dignity and human rights of every person. The power to create this new world is not in our hopes; it’s not in our dreams — it's in our hands.
A community for people who have not given-up the fight for a Bernie Sanders presidency.
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https://wikileaks.org/dnc-emails/ This subreddit was created to post details and significant finds from the DNC leak in a more organized, central area. Keywords: DNC, leaks, wikileaks, Hillary, Clinton, Sanders, DWS, guccifer, hack, data, email, politics, news, leak, DNCLeak, DCLeaks, Podesta, Trump, NSA, Snowden, corruption
A subreddit specifically for Bernie Sanders supporters to organize and exchange information about attending the Democratic National Convention on July 24th and 25th!
**Grassroots Select** has relocated to /r/Political_Revolution the Reddit branch of The Political Revolution a digital organization designed to raise support and awareness for progressive candidates and issues that align with the political revolution as envisioned by Senator Bernie Sanders.
The sub has been re-opened due to popular request.
Hillary Clinton for Prison -- LOCK HER UP!! IT'S WHERE SHE BELONGS. We believe Hillary Clinton should should be in federal prison for decades. Crooked Hillary has been fleecing the American public for long enough -- hundreds of millions of dollars poured into a fraudulent charity, Uranium One scandel, and a pay-for-play government are what the Clinton legacy is all about. Help us send Hillary Rodham Clinton to Prison! #LockHerUp
This subreddit is part of the political revolution as envisioned by Senator Bernie Sanders. We represent a movement promoting activism, raising support for progressive candidates, and spreading awareness for the issues focused on by the progressive cause.
/r/hillaryclinton is a pro-Hillary Clinton forum to support Hillary Clinton. Join other Hillary Clinton supporters on Reddit! We are stronger together.
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r/WikiLeaks is a subreddit for discussion about WikiLeaks and their founding editor, Julian Assange, and related projects. Any content related to WikiLeaks or other suppressed information is welcome.
America needs leaderful (not leadered, not leaderless) movements. Real change comes from episodic revolutions and constructive acts of civil disobedience, not from relying on any one leader...
Political Discussion without the censorship and asinine/arbitrary post requirements
r/NewYorkForSanders is a grassroots volunteer-led online hub designed to raise support in New York for Senator Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign for President of the United States and to highlight Our Revolution, and progressive policy.
A space to grow around the Justice Democrats movement.
Behold! /r/Enough_Sanders_Spam, Flame of the Establishment! Forged from the shills of /r/enoughsandersspam.
A hub for activists supporting Bernie Sanders's platform and run for president.
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We are a group of concerned citizens who see the necessity to document and speak out against election fraud and voter suppression.
What is /r/UncensoredNews? We are called "uncensored news" because we don't censor news. This however doesn't mean that there are no rules so before posting or commenting read the community rules.
r/CaliforniaForSanders is a grassroots volunteer-led online hub designed to raise support in California for Senator Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign for President of the United States and to highlight Our Revolution, and progressive policy.
Because the amount of Trump spam is *too damn high!* Enough Трамп Spam
/r/VoteBlue is our new home, subscribe there! This was our subreddit to discuss the 2018 midterm elections - primaries, candidates, strategy, news, odds, funding, volunteering, donations, and more, from state legislatures to gubernatorial races to Senate and House seats!
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/r/OurPresident is a community supporting the 2020 presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders, and organizing for a working-class takeover of the Democratic Party. The time of tinkering around the edges behind the scenes—for incremental change—is over. Only with a candidate whose theory of change puts people front and center, in the streets, taking on the wealth and power of the billionaire class, can we expect to pass Medicare For All, a Green New Deal, tuition-free college, or anything else.
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[Gary E. Johnson](http://bit.ly/2eTUfze) was a two-term governor (R) in the blue state of New Mexico. He was the Libertarian Party's nominee for POTUS in [2012](http://bit.ly/2eyLejP) and [2016](http://bit.ly/2fzDpHA). In 2012 he broke the LP's highest POTUS vote percentage and shattered that record again in 2016. Currently, Gary is the Libertarian nominee for US Senate in New Mexico and will be our next US Senator!
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A community to share stories related to the growing Modern Political and Social Progressive Movement. The Modern Progressive Movement advocates change and reform through directed governmental action. The Modern Progressive Movement stands in opposition of conservative or reactionary ideologies.
Discussion about politics. Talk amongst yourselves. Politely and informatively.
A place for your Sanders-related questions, be it about his policy, or the opinions of his supporters. Note that this sub is not a "safe space," but a place of mutual respect.
As a satellite community of /r/OurPresident, we're supporting Bernie 2020. Under new moderation as of 8/5/19.
**2016 was the year our nation began to come of age.** Many of us cannot un-see what we saw: Positive Politics rooted in completely unacceptable and unnecessary human suffering created by big money politicians who get paid to lose, who get paid to make sure those with the most get more. Let's figure out how we make these ideas: https://berniesanders.com/issues/ the law of the land! Join the movement! Tell your story. Get active! Change the world! #ONWARD!