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A subreddit for the sinister side of spirituality.
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A place for discussing Satanism on Reddit.
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The Occult: News for armchair and practicing metaphysical skeptics.
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For discussions of, questions about, images relevant, or anything at all pertaining to the rather wacky occult subculture/practice known as Chaos Magick.
This subreddit was created in order to gather like-minded people who are interested in the following: demonolatry, demons, magick, theistic satanism, paganism, and left-hand path practices. This is a great place to share your experiences, ask questions, find information on new practices, and learn from one another, whether you're experienced or just starting out.
A subreddit dedicated to more in-depth, traditional methods of occult discussion and study.
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*Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.* A subreddit for all those interested in undertaking The Great Work; Aleister Crowley's Thelema, members of Ordo Templi Orientis, Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, A.'.A.'., and allied organizations. Also open to commentary and debate from those of other religions, philosophies, and worldviews. *Love is the law, love under will.*
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A place to journey and to find.
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For tarot enthusiasts of all experience levels and belief systems. Beginners, professionals and skeptics welcome! Discuss the history of tarot cards, learn about tarot theory, compare reading techniques, and more. Whether you believe in divination or just want to learn more about yourself, you have a place in r/tarot.
Welcome to the world of Astral Projection. For those in the know the subject needs no introduction. For those who are not, I recommend you keep an open mind for you are venturing into the very edge of physical reality. Astral Projection summarized is the experience of separating the mind from the body and it is very real. Not everyone is ready to accept the reality and gravity of what this implies, but if you are, you are in for quite the adventure indeed. Welcome and take a look around!
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A subreddit dedicated to demonology.
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This purpose of this community is to explore human energy in all of its facets. Out of body experiences, energy healing, energetic connections between people, psychic work and everything in between. This is a community about helping people explore, stretch and document their experiences as well as learn new ways and avenues to explore.
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Wicca is a neopagan religion based on ancient pagan beliefs. It's an earth-based religion that believes in a God and Goddess as representative of a greater pantheistic godhead. Wicca includes a system of ethics and teaches that we all are ultimately responsible for our own actions. We believe in gods. We believe in magic. We believe in multiple realities. We practice alone, or in groups. We practice witchcraft.
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A subreddit for pagans and potential pagans, r/paganism is a community focused on the discussion and observance of any and all belief systems that may be classified as a pagan faith. Come to learn and share. We are an all-inclusive community first and foremost, and seek to maintain a modern day coalition of many belief systems around the world.
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Here lies a digital temple of the Paratheo-Anametamystikhood of Eris Esoteric. We are a sect of Redditors [SORPOEE] enraptured by the one true goddess Discordia and her doings. We are fools, philosophers, jokers, and madmen disunited together by clicking the subscribe button. We see order in chaos and chaos in order. We see the . There are no rules anywhere. The Goddess prevails.
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/r/Psychic, the largest psychic community forum on Reddit, for those interested in extrasensory perception (ESP). Are you a psychic? Maybe an empath or empathic? Interested in the paranormal? Telekinesis? The meta-physical? Astral realm? Divination? Astrology? Spirits? Mediumship? Join us! We also have an IRC chatroom: https://kiwiirc.com/nextclient/#irc://irc.snoonet.org:+6697/#psychic for those who share our interest and wish to chat!
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A collection of links to articles on astrology, as well as discussions about astrological topics.
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A psychonaut is a person who experiences intentionally induced altered states of consciousness and claims to use the experience to investigate his or her mind, and possibly address spiritual questions, through direct experience.
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A community to discuss and share TRUE personal paranormal experiences, debunked places, evidence, thoughts and theories. *Fictional submissions will be removed.
For those who study witchcraft, paganism, and any forms of magick. Share pictures and stories of your craft, inspire others, and learn from them.
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A subreddit dedicated to the studies, philosophies, and religion of modern Setians. Includes not only the Temple of Set but independent practitioners, Kemetic revivalists who honor Set, the Order of the Serpent, and others.
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This is an online community dedicated to discussing spiritual awakening.
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Here you may seek or submit information regarding esoteric knowledge, especially within (but not limited to) the field of supernatural magick that is most commonly associated with "the West". You may also recount your experiences, incidents, or epiphanies with: the practice of magick and occultism and/or the pursuit of the arcane and unknown. News of progress in the understanding of magickal works and artifacts is also welcome. Both amateurs and academics may participate.
Dedicated to the practice of traditional Luciferianism - not occult; an open and transparent spiritual movement aimed at realizing good within all creation.