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This subreddit is part of the political revolution as envisioned by Senator Bernie Sanders. We represent a movement promoting activism, raising support for progressive candidates, and spreading awareness for the issues focused on by the progressive cause.

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Midterm Bern & Bernie 2020! Senator Sanders support & political media. Grassroots journalism, AMAs, & progressive memes. Peace & public policy for economic, environmental, racial & social justice issues. Reform the DNC, resistance & fighting back against Trump's administration, the GOP, & Congress.

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/r/hillaryclinton is a pro-Hillary Clinton forum to support Hillary Clinton. Join other Hillary Clinton supporters on Reddit! We are stronger together.

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Because the amount of Trump spam is too damn high! Enough Трамп Spam

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Hillary Clinton for Prison -- LOCK HER UP!! IT'S WHERE SHE BELONGS. We believe Hillary Clinton should should be in federal prison for decades. Crooked Hillary has been fleecing the American public for long enough -- hundreds of millions of dollars poured into a fraudulent charity, Uranium One scandel, and a pay-for-play government are what the Clinton legacy is all about. Help us send Hillary Rodham Clinton to Prison! #LockHerUp

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Americans deserve real solutions for the economic, social and environmental crises we face. But the broken political system is only making things worse. It's time to build a people's movement to end unemployment and poverty; avert climate catastrophe; build a sustainable, just economy; and recognize the dignity and human rights of every person. The power to create this new world is not in our hopes; it’s not in our dreams — it's in our hands.

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A subreddit for Democrats to discuss the 2018 midterm elections - primaries, candidates, strategy, news, odds, funding, volunteering, donations and more. Discuss everything from state legislatures to gubernatorial races to Senate and House seats!

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A stronghold of evidence based progressive thought.

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The subreddit to distill useful information and have discussion on how to best resist the Trump administration and those who enable it. Note well: this is not intended to be just another Anti-Trump circle-jerk. Please try to focus your energy on productive action. Also, feel free to add and suggest content.

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/r/OurPresident is a community supporting Bernie's bid for President in 2020, and organizing for a working class takeover of the Democratic Party. That said, we also strongly support candidates, policies, and organizations of the political revolution not represented in the two-party system.

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Discussion about politics. Talk amongst yourselves. Politely and informatively.

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r/WikiLeaks is a subreddit for discussion about WikiLeaks and their founding editor, Julian Assange, and related projects. Any content related to WikiLeaks or other suppressed information is welcome.

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This subreddit was created to post details and significant finds from the DNC leak in a more organized, central area.

Keywords: DNC, leaks, wikileaks, Hillary, Clinton, Sanders, DWS, guccifer, hack, data, email, politics, news, leak, DNCLeak, DCLeaks, Podesta, Trump, NSA, Snowden, corruption

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Grassroots Select has relocated to /r/Political_Revolution the Reddit branch of The Political Revolution a digital organization designed to raise support and awareness for progressive candidates and issues that align with the political revolution as envisioned by Senator Bernie Sanders.

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Welcome to r/socialism! This is a community to discuss current events in our world from an anti-capitalist perspective and to provide clarity to socialist ideas. We look forward to your participation in our sub but please be respectful as rules are enforced. Are you new to socialist ideas? Please check out our educational materials and wiki.

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Chapo Trap House is a podcast by @willmenaker @cushbomb @amberaleefrost @virgiltexas @ByYourLogic, produced by @saywhatagain

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A subreddit dedicated to shitting on the racist, misogynist, anti-Semitic, adolescent clusterfuck known as the "Alt-Right".

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Offers daily news updates, policy analysis, links, and opportunities to participate in the political process. Feel free to discuss the 2018 midterm elections.

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