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This is the official subreddit of Redvolution, an innovative wallet for ERC20 tokens. Check our website www.redvolution.io

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The MOBILINK-Network poises to provide its users with unlimited voice and data services worldwide in over 170 countries. The company will eliminate all monthly mobile fees of its users by using the revenues generated from digital advertising. Being the first decentralized mobile service provider, MOBILINK-Network will revolutionize the current telecommunication industry, leading the way in innovation and changing the economic social landscape of digital media and communications worldwide.
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AGORZ is a multi sided service exchange platform that allows users access services from one app. The world’s best cryptocurrency-based autonomous marketplace.
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Decentralized real-time data feeds with blockchain as a court system. Powered by a decentralized network of Eventum nodes, Ethereum and Swarm.
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VuzzBee is a decentralized link sharing website just like reddit but with a reward system. user get bee tokens for interacting with the website
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FaithCoin is the first and only secure Ethereum token embedded with prayer and bible verses. Words of God written in a token smart contract. This token is built from the ground-up to facilitate payments, donations, transfers and trading without sacrificing your security.
Combining a blockchain protocol and smart contracts with secure decentralized data storage, we are building an industry-adoptable, community-driven system to enable value-based care. With Health Nexus we aim to create a decentralized, open, and fully-compliant system where healthcare providers globally can collaborate with each other to manage the outcomes of their patients.
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A Revolutionary Approach to Securing Media Exchange...
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Working in partnership with sharing economy experts Origin Protocol we are building the future of decentralised car sharing and car hire.
We are Rebellious, A cryptocurrency coin with a community approach.
Current, reputable & actionable content for the digital currency marketplace. Pareto is a peer to peer financial content marketplace, where the Pareto token gives transparent exposure to the value of information in the network.
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Get Free Crypto instantly: https://h2ox.io/U_1NUD4ANFVPGLT5
Signals network connects cryptotraders with data science developers. Signals will offer a simple UI for assembling indicators and creating signals to optimise profit on various cryptocurrency exchanges. It’s a place where you can build strategies from specific trading indicators, ranging from technical analysis to crowd wisdom insights, train it on historical data, and monetise your strategy by offering copytrading. Visit our website to learn more: http://signals.network
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REPU – smart reputation management on blockchain.
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Bitsense is a revolutionary online ecosystem built around decentralized blockchain oriented model. A marketplace for content creators and promoters designed to enhance; Fast sharing of information, Reduction of promotional cost and saves time While maintaining a true decentralized network.
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The first social cannabis DApp created to reward users.
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How Repo Coin Works Download our mobile app once its available and scan license plates in any public space. If a license plate is tagged for repossession, an alert is sent to the app user, the lender and the vehicle recovery agent A recovery truck is dispatched, and the process to return the vehicle to the lender is immediately underway. Earn REPO tokens as means of consumer loyalty program rewards
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Ravelous - Subreddit for the Ravelous marketplace where users can sell new & used goods for cryptocurrency.
World's first educational cryptocurrency.
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Dbrain is the first community owned decentralized platform for training artificial intelligence. Human-generated data is more important than algorithms for AI solutions, and Dbrain gives access to crowd workforce and data providers for developers and businesses. Anyone with a smartphone can label data and make crypto. With Dbrain crowd workers request simple tasks on data labeling and assessment. After the task is completed correctly and verified, they get paid with cryptocurrency.
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Build Your Decentralized Company
EQUAL is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency wallet with a vision of making Blockchain simple, whilst allowing users to discover and interact with the Decentralized web.
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Mossland is a location based AR mobile game that primarily focuses in digital real estate. The players can identify digital versions of real properties using smartphones inside the game. Auctioning of the online assets inside the game will be securely assisted with blockchain technology.
Ethereum Key is a decentralized cryptocurrency built on block chain technology for new era of payments using the ecosystem and first to enabled reverse transaction feature.
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The Bittwatt platform as well as its app suit are built from bottom-up into a robust structure,combinining the need to measure the energy output, whilst measuring its price .Therefore Bittwatt enables peer-to-peer transactions through a secure multilateral framework for international energy cooperation, along with energy arbitrage and exchange through its own developed exchange and trading system.
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GPN COIN (GAMBLING PORN TOKEN) will Be the Token For Gambling and Porn Industry. Customer Will Be Able To Get Into Those services using the GPN Token Based On ERC 20 www.gpncoin.com REGISTRATION BONUS - 50 COINS PRE ICO PRICE - 0.05$ ICO PRICE - 0.12$ REFERRAL PROGRAM 5ETAILS: Get Bonus 50 Coins Per Each Referral you Bring