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A subreddit where teachers and can tell about any student, parent, or staff member they had the pleasure or displeasure of meeting. Students may also participate by telling stories about teachers.

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The goal of r/Teachers is to provide a supportive community for teachers and to inform and engage in discourse with educational stakeholders about the teaching profession. The rules highlighted in the sidebar have been developed to help us achieve this goal. It is expected that every user adhere to these rules.

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A places for customers to vent and rage and even smile about their customer service experiences.

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A place to exchange stories about your bosses, employees, or those interesting customers you see daily.

  • Remember that customer who yelled at you over coupons?

  • Do I really have to wear this ridiculous polo shirt?

  • The things you do after customers leave

Come, put your name tag on, and let's get the stress of work off of our chest.

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Customer push you to your limits today? Then you've definitely come to the right place! Here, we totally understand what it's like to have to rely on the generosity of others to make sure you pay your bills!

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The goal of r/Education is to provide a community in which educational stakeholders can participate in meaningful, reflective, and thought-provoking discourse about educational policy, research, technology, and politics. Additional Keywords, teachers, students, education

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Welcome to Tales From Call Centers (TFCC), a place where we share tales from the trenches of the call center world!

This includes things like (but not limited to);

Ridiculous caller demands

Moronic and stupid things callers say

Moral support after dealing with awkward and difficult callers

Happy and positive calls

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Pharmacy work requires its own special laws and regulations and with it comes so many wonderful problems.

How many times do you find yourself saying any of these:

  • Your insurance sets the price
  • That is your medical card, not your prescription card
  • Your prescription is expired ... Yes even though you still have refills

If so this is the place to be!

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A place where people from the hotel industry can come and share the stories of the things our guests do and say that make customer service the hated job that it is.

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Tales From The Pizza Guy, including any and all stories from the heroes of food delivery!!

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A derivative of subreddits like Tales From Retail that involves stories about folks that go into other businesses and have irate customers mistake them for employees. The more outrageous the story the better!

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For all your stories of small victories over those who've wronged you.

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If you have a MIL that is lovely and not any of the things we talk about here, that's great. Let us rant away at the crazy shit they do. If it's your mom that's the issue, you can rant about that too.

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We are a group of high school teachers that want to provide assistance to you outside of school. Whether you are high school students that are in need of some academic helps, middle school students that are trying to see what high school is like, or just need someone to talk to, we are here for you.

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A place for English teachers to share ideas and lessons and to brainstorm and collaborate on new curricula.

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Tales from Physical Security, Loss Prevention, Protective Services, and anyone in general who gets paid to watch people and their crap.

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Welcome to Tales From Tech Support, where we share our stories of:

  • Incredible Feats of Networking Heroics;

  • Tech Troubleshooting Under the Direst Circumstances;

  • Unsolvable Problems Cracked by Sheer Genius and/or Pure Luck;

  • Moral Support after Having Dealt with Difficult Clients;

  • And of course, Stupid User Stories!

We've got a bit of a lull in the queue just now, so kick back, grab a cold one, and share your best tales among friends here at TFTS!

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A place to share all your most amazing and useful resources. If we use this well, it could become a very efficient and effective way to enrich many classrooms with everyone else's resources.

For your particular subject area, just click on the filter link on the right hand side bar.

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/r/ScienceTeachers is a place for science educators to collaborate on and contribute tips, ideas, labs, and curricula.

We seek to encourage the sharing of interesting studies, experiments, videos and articles that will interest students of all ages and promote science and critical thinking in their lives.

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