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Not necessary, they have to be your own ghosts experience or stories but you may also share ghost stories you read or heard from someone, stories of haunted places, unexplained phenomena and paranormal sightings.Many people have had, read or heard this kind of unexplained experiences, and it makes for wonderful readings, maybe at times disturbing, but most often, leaving you wondering what is happening on the other side of material life and our physical senses.
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A community to discuss and share TRUE personal paranormal experiences, debunked places, evidence, thoughts and theories. *Fictional submissions will be removed.
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A database for personal encounters with the unknown. We archive non-fiction stories dealing with spirits, paranormal, strange happenings, and unexplained sightings. Think /r/nosleep without the fiction or creative embellishments. Cross-posting, discussions, and open minded skeptical analysis are always welcomed.
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Articles and other items of interest on ghosts and the paranormal. Posting fake photos is a violation of this community's rules and can lead to being banned. Posting fake and/or frivolous videos from Youtube or other sites can also lead to being banned. No rude or threatening posts allowed. Be civil. The moderators of /r/Ghosts reserve the right to moderate posts and comments at their discretion, with regard to their perception of the suitability of said posts and comments for this subreddit
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This subreddit is for those who have had REAL paranormal experiences. Feel free to share your own!
Welcome to /r/ParanormalHELP A community for connecting those with paranormal issues with someone who can help. We welcome Paranormal Investigators, Mediums, and Other similar occupations with verified experience and businesses.
This sub is for mildly creepy encounters where you weren't actually in any immediate, life-threatening danger, but that you still find somewhat creepy and interesting enough to share.
True (hopefully), Scary Stories...
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A place to read true stories about people you never want to meet again.
If you have ever had an encounter with a humanoid being, this is the place to post it. Have you been abducted by "aliens"? Have you bumped into a Sasquatch? Been chased out of the woods by something on two legs, but it didn't look human at all, other than being shaped like one? Please tell us your true encounter !
/r/ASKParanormal is UNDER CONSTRUCTION please use /r/ParanormalHELP until we reopen THANK YOU
"Eye-witness event(s) that cannot be explained with critical thinking." **Please read forum rules before posting**
Share, read, and show us your best TRUE ghost or scary story.
A place to post all things dealing with the paranormal or unexplained. We want to believe there is more out there, and here is where you can try to convince us.
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Nosleep is a subreddit for realistic horror stories. Everything is true here, even if it's not.
A subreddit dedicated to the unresolved mysteries of the world. Submissions should outline a mystery and provide a link to a more detailed review of the case such as a Wiki article or news report. Replies analysing and speculating over the mystery and possible explanations are encouraged.
I made this bot because I love all things creepy and Askreddit was a good source of these type of stories. I am a beginner coder and since Ive always wanted someone to do a similar tool I decided to try myself.
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A scary subreddit for fictional and real life horror. Enjoy if you dare.
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/r/Psychic, the largest psychic community forum on Reddit, for those interested in extrasensory perception (ESP). Are you a psychic? Maybe an empath or empathic? Interested in the paranormal? Telekinesis? The meta-physical? Astral realm? Divination? Astrology? Spirits? Mediumship? Join us! We also have an IRC chatroom: https://kiwiirc.com/nextclient/#irc://irc.snoonet.org:+6697/#psychic for those who share our interest and wish to chat!
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A place to post your personal experiences, thoughts, or stories you have found about skinwalkers and similar legends.
Welcome to r/GlitchInTheMatrix! This is a sub for posting pictures and videos of strange occurrences which are colloquially called "a glitch in the matrix". This includes but is not limited to: Lighting illusions, out of place object, duplications, implausible looking scenarios and 'broken' textures. Want to share a story? Go to r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix!
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The Mandela Effect is a GROUP of people realizing they remember things differently than generally know to be fact.
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Information and discussion about people who go missing in National Parks and forests, and rural and urban areas, as detailed in the Missing 411 books and movie. ## This is an unofficial, independant subreddit with no ties to CanAm Missing Project.
Welcome to UnexplainedMedia, a subreddit that has grown out of UnexplainedPhotos where users can post photos, audio and video that defy explanation. Sometimes media such as photos and video are linked to murder victims who remain unidentified, other times the people are involved in mysteries that are unsolved Post away and if theres any info with the submission please post in the comments too!
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A subreddit dedicated to demonology.
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/r/Creepypasta: Because you weren't planning on sleeping anytime soon.
Ghost Adventures, for the discussion of the show, the locations, the cast or anything else related.
A place to tell your stories. Can be about you, true, fake, or about anyone.
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This forum is for discussing past lives and reincarnation. All are welcome. Even if you do not "believe" that we live many lives other than our currents ones, please be respectful.
In /r/ParanormalEncounters only truthful accounts of paranormal sightings and experiences should be shared. This is not a place for writing horror stories; keep all submissions truthful and not exaggerated. ALWAYS WRITE IN THE FIRST PERSON; SUBMISSIONS SHOULD NOT BE STORIES OR TESTIMONIES THAT OTHERS HAVE SHARED WITH YOU, AS THESE MAY BE UNRELIABLE EVIDENCE. Also, submissions do not have to be entirely evidence based- this is a place for eyewitness accounts and people looking for answers.