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Vodi is an extraordinarily successful and award-winning all-in-one mobile platform boasting 5+ million users in over 200 countries and is tokenizing its ecosystem by launching Vodi X. Vodi X complements the already vibrant existing Vodi platform with the use of blockchain technology.
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Bitbook is the world’s leading blockchain platform for online gambling. Play with bitcoin for sports events and casino games. And cashout you bitcoins.
The mission of our experienced Fortem Capital team is to provide safe and proven products based on original real estate investments.
KIBIS is a secure, fast and efficient option for people to easily access financial services whenever and wherever they want.
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The Fashion Discovery Platform - IEO Phase one on Going Join before Price Increase To join IEO on P2Pb2b exchange Click:
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Tokehell is a Crypto Media Agency that aim to Provide News About Cryptocoins, Technical analysis, Blockchain Event And Detailed Reviews on ICOs, IEOs.
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Deflationary Token is the newest and innovative token from digital currency. His purpose is to bring the benefits of deflationary principles into digital currencies.
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BRIKCOIN is a revolutionary investment model. Bringing together blockchain technology and real estate investment, it provides high liquidity and low risk. What’s more, it achieves this by building sustainable and affordable housing in the UK to ebb the growing national crisis.
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NODIS is on a mission to help local businesses to get noticed online, increase traffic in store, and differentiate from the competition
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Vecap represents the next generation of smart homes with impregnable security and unprecedented device interoperability. Our presale is now live Join us today:
Spock is a decentralized application platform that supports intelligent contract and USES POC consensus, which is the first intelligent contract application platform in the world to support POC consensus.
FunnyToken is a cryptocurrency designed for game and digital services trades. #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency #GamingIndustry #GamingCryptocurrency
Marshal Lion Group. Tokenizing the non-bank lending market
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Digiwills is a service based on a smart contract that aims to ensure that your digital assets are not lost or fall into the wrong hands.
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Disrupt the market of Localbitcoins and Paxful, with an advance P2P Exchange platform.
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Irbis Network is a decentralized network created by SC Telecom. SC Telecom is a combination of products designed to make telecom better, faster and more secure.
The Official Community for BitValve P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange
MorCrypto is a cryptocurrency trading exchange with lending services, cryptocurrency products e-commerce, multiple cryptocurrency investment opportunities and much more.
The most unique decentralized Q DAO ecosystem
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Official popularizer of the Discoin cryptocurrency project 🚀
Bitcoin Shares - Is the first P2P mining technology company on the blockchain that offers investors to invest by buying BSHARES token and earn daily on their portfolio from our mining.
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Mero Currency (MRO) is a secure, decentralised and deflationary currency operating on the Ethereum blockchain. It has an optimum burn rate of 0.001% which means that for every 1000 tokens being transferred, one token goes out out of existence, never to be used again. By the property of the smart contract, MRO has a fixed supply of 21 million. It's supply reduces over time, automatically, causing the existing tokens in circulation to rise in value.